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Promotie en reclame — Perfect voor Conferenties

SocialLadder LITE makes it easy and FREE for you to get REAL fans to promote and sell tickets for you. (NOTE: SocialLadder works for events, conferences, promoters and venues)

Our seamless integration with Eventbrite gives event organizers a turnkey system to build, track and manage a team of dedicated ambassadors to help promote and sell out your next event and gives fans a fun way to earn an elevated experience (ie. Free Tickets).

With SocialLadder you can:

  • Issue customized promo codes and reward fans that sell tickets to their friends
  • Reward your biggest fans for amplifying and engaging with your Facebook brand page content
  • Access a growing network of 150,000+ qualified ambassadors worldwide 

Get YOUR fans and OUR network to sell more and drive more buzz today!

NOTE: SocialLadder works best 6 weeks or more before your event.


PRICING: SocialLadder LITE is FREE for event organizers. There will be a 1% fee –paid by ticker purchasers—that is added to tickets sold after you launch your SocialLadder ambassador team. (For example, if a ticket costs a consumer $50, a SocialLadder fee of $0.50 will be added to the ticket price to cover the cost of the program.) 



SocialLadder PRO (For more details & pricing info, please contact us): 

• ADVANCED TICKET SELLING: All of the above and access to the Platinum SocialLadder Ambassador Team
• SOCIAL MEDIA: Get your ambassadors to share & create content on Facebook, twitter and Instagram
• FIELD MARKETING: Track ambassadors in the field (ie. Flyer / Poster distribution)
• MANAGER: SocialLadder manager to assist you with management of your community 

SocialLadder can design a program for your festival or conference that meets your needs. 

We provide full support for all ambassadors as well as for festival organizers.  

Once you work with us you'll get direct access to our campaign managers.