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Event for the entrepreneurial community max 60 min presentatie, daarna voor wie zin heeft 30 min praat café

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Why Metrics that Matter?

Innovation approaches help to address and solve customer problems, but they don’t provide guidance when it comes to building business cases.

Eckhard Ortwein and Gerard Scheenstra will tell you why Metrics Matter for Investors and how to present them (without using Excel)During this webinar you will learn how to:

Calculate the Key SaaS and eCom Metrics

• Cost of Customer Acquisition

• Average Order Value / Monthly Recurring Revenue

• Churn and Customer Lifetime Value

• CLTV/CAC Ratio and CAC Payback

Present and explain your plan on just 1 page

• Creating leads

• Converting leads into paying customers

• Growing paying customers

Answer key questions which investors ask

• Revenue potential

• Unit Economics

• Profitability and

• Funding

Presenter: Eckhard Ortwein

Eckhard runs - a much better way than Excel to give Decision Makers and their projects and startups the ability to quickly model and simulate realistic business models – accurately – and present the metrics in a decision maker friendly format.

This allows you to take much smarter financial decisions – reducing the risk of investing into projects which are financially not viable and dramatically increasing the close rate on getting projects funded.

Eckhard co-founded cyber-security startup Accells acquired by Ping Identity in 2014 and m-payment startup Paybox acquired by Sybase/SAP in 2008.Eckhard has more than 25 years of experience working as a startup founder, industry executive and management consultant for global corporations and start-ups in telecommunications, professional and financial service and consumer goods industries.

Host and moderator: Gerard Scheentra

Gerard is a seasoned creative and innovative “social” impact entrepreneur, disruptive thinker and doer, business manager, mentor, coach, teacher and speaker. Since 1986 Gerard has created and gained professional “work” experience (both nationally and internationally at C-level) in various capacities in organizations and since 2000 as a multiple entrepreneur.

Eckhard and Gerard have teamed up with a group of likeminded professionals to inspire entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs regarding the lean case community platform and its mission.

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