Professional Workshop: Communication with Lammert Kamphuis (English)

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Professional Workshop: Communication with Lammert Kamphuis (English)

Learn key skills for improving your habits of communication and boost productivity in the process.

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The School Of Life Amsterdam 54 Frederiksplein 1017 XN Amsterdam Netherlands

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Communication, communication, communication! There are few things as important in the modern workplace, and also few things that go wrong so incredibly often. That is why we have devised a half-day workshop to tackle the biases, misconceptions and myths about communication.

Strong communication is key in making sure that you and your colleagues are aligned, in avoiding conflict and in getting anything done. To reach this level, it helps to focus on the psychological barriers which keep people from interacting in a direct, honest and helpful fashion.

In this workshop:

  • You will consider the obstacle of assumptions, and the difficulty of knowing whether we are communicating effectively
  • You will practise “teaching” others effectively, getting beyond emotional barriers and resistance to new information
  • You will practise “learning” effectively, parsing out what others are really trying to convey
  • You will practise listening deeply and showing that we are paying attention
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The workshop leader: Lammert Kamphuis

Lammert Kamphuis is a well-known philosopher, bestselling author and speaker. It is his mission to let as many people as possible experience how philosophy can help them in their daily lives. Lammert is a much sought-after speaker in the business world, has spoken several times to packed halls at Lowlands and is ‘house philosopher’ at the television program ‘Koffietijd/5 Uur Live’ on RTL 4. In 2018, his book Philosophy for an Unparalleled Life (De Bezige Bij/The Busy Bee) came out and quickly became a bestseller. Nouveau called him "one of the most inspiring speakers of the moment."

Practical information

Language: English

Time: 9:30 - 13:00h

Study Load: There is no compulsory homework. You will, however, be given ideas and techniques that you can try out after the workshop and apply in your work.

Study Material: You do not need to purchase any study material for this workshop.

For Whom: This workshop is suitable for employees and freelancers who want to challenge themselves and want to think more deeply about the subject and themselves.

Level: There are no entry requirements.

Location: Frederiksplein 54, Amsterdam

Price: €195,- (excl. VAT, incl. lunch)

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