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Webinar series with Amped Software

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Video evidence, whether it is from CCTV, a mobile phone, or a body-worn camera, can be extremely valuable in establishing facts. Amped FIVE has become the standard software for Forensic Image and Video Enhancement

Join DataExpert en Amped Software in a webinar series where we introduce you to the solutions and why you need Amped in your forensics toolkit!

You can register for one of these webinars, or all three.

  • June 3rd - 10.00 -11.00

Amped FIVE: The complete workflow, introducing the newest features

In this webinar, we will show you the new and impressive tools within Amped FIVE’s latest updates, while working through a complete workflow of a case example. We will start off by introducing our new Copy and Verify tool, a feature that assists in maintaining the integrity and continuation of your evidential media. A demonstration of our Perspective Stabilization tool will follow, this is an exciting tool which is already generating previously unobtainable results. Amped FIVE has made a giant leap in our audio capabilities with the introduction of Audio Redaction features, which have been long sought after by our users. You will also learn how the introduction of our Assistant will benefit those users who are new to the software or only use the software intermittently. 

  • June 10th 2020 - 10.00 -11.00

Amped Replay: Making video forensics accessible and increasing an organization’s efficiency

In this webinar we will take a detailed look at Amped Replay and how it can help increase the efficiency of your organization and make video forensics more accessible to frontline forces.

You will learn how Amped Replay can act as the middleman between your frontline officers and the video experts working in the labs. Replay has been designed to be easily accessible and intuitive for all users, with the purpose of transferring the basic video tasks, such as conversion, and basic corrections, from your experts to the frontline, enabling organizations to get important information from video quickly, while also reducing the workload on the forensic video experts, allowing them to dedicate their time on their analytical work. 

  • June 17th 2020 - 10.00 - 11.00

Amped Authenticate: Image Authentication and Source Device Identification

In this webinar, we will show you the impressive amount of information that is, explicitly and implicitly, stored in a digital image. We will demonstrate how Amped Authenticate lets you investigate image metadata and properties, unveil the processing history of the image (e.g., multiple compressions, uploads to social media platforms), and search for local manipulations (splicing and cloning of pixels). We will then focus on camera identification: how to link a digital image to the specific exemplar that captured it. 

Participation is free, but registration is required.

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