2017  KOM Ladies Special Weekend Retreat
€ 195,50
2017  KOM Ladies Special Weekend Retreat

2017 KOM Ladies Special Weekend Retreat


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Program Information:

We are glad to present to you KOM 2017 Ladies Special Weekend scheduled for Friday, 31 March – Monday, 3 April 2016, in a luxurious location in Province Groningen, Holland, with the theme “No Weapon Formed against Me Shall Prosper.”

What to expect:

As come to KOM 2017 Ladies Special Weekend expects:

- As come to KOM 2017 Ladies Special Weekend expects:

- To make new spiritual discoveries!

- To be nurtured spiritually!

- To be released from limitations!

- To be empowered and equipped for exploit and triumph in life!

- To encounter God in a new way!

- To be healed, restored and revived.

- To enter into your rest mode in God!

- To learn and unlearn!

- To network and make new friends in Christ!

- To improve on your 2016 encounters and testimonies!


The total fee for the special weekend is €185, 00 (transportation not included). Fee covers accommodation, meals and activities. And payment can be made once or in four instalments.

- The 1 st down payment of €50, 00 must be made on or before 30 June 2016.

- The 2 nd part payment of €45, 00 must be made on or before 31 August 2016

- The 3 rd part payment of €45, 00 must be made on or before 30 November 2016

- The 4 th part payment of €45, 00 must be made on or before 31 January 2017.

And all payment should be made into Stichting Kelly Oriakhi Ministries ING bank account: IBAN: NL26 INGB 0005296237, BIC: INGBNL2A tagged ‘Ladies Special Weekend 2017.’ Please note that there is no refund after payment.

About The Guest Speakers:

1. Apostle Alva Green (USA)

2. Pastor Lisa Veney (USA)

Meet Apostle Alva Green:

Apostle Alva Green is the wife of Apostle Alvin Green, founder of World harvest Ministries, SC, USA. Apostle Alva is the founder of the “The Praying Men and Women” prayer group, where she trains saints of God in the art of prayer and spiritual warfare. She also mentors broken and hurting women. Apostle Alva walks in the apostolic authority, with a strong prophetic anointing for deliverance and restoration. Apostle Alva has a degree in accounting, a diploma in Biblical Studies from Glory Land Bible College and a Master’s Degree from Christian Life School of Theology. Apostle Alva is an international conference speaker and has ministered in many nations. She travels to the nations with a group of intercessors.

Meet Pastor Lisa Veney:

Pastor Lisa Veney is a conference speaker, author, playwright, TV and radio personality, wife, and mother. She travels round the world preaching the gospel and setting the captives free by the power of God. She is not ashamed to testify of her miraculous deliverance from a nine year crack cocaine addiction. And she will usually tell her audience, “If God can deliver me, He can deliver anyone!”Pastor Lisa holds an Associate’s degree in Biblical Studies and a Bachelor Degree in Christian Theology from Alpha Bible College. She is currently an Associate Pastor at the United Nations Church International, Richmond, Virginia, under the leadership of Bishop Orrin and Pastor Medina Pullings.

Contact and Registration:

For more information or registration, please mail kom.eventsteam@kellyoriakhiministries.org or call Prophetess Sherma on +31642517765 or Minister Gifty on +44 7490440669.

We encourage you to sign up now and pay your first down payment on time, because we have limited slots. And admission is strictly on first come, first serve principle.

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