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Advanced Value Proposition Design - for Corporate Innovators


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Hosted in Eindhoven, Innovation Capital of Europe.

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Advanced Value Proposition Design for Corporate Innovators

A 2,5 day innovators course & workshop

A high-energy course that offers the latest innovation theory together with pragmatic canvas-driven Value Proposition Design. Learn together with peers from inspiring teachers with daily field experience.

Learn about the latest techniques to create new products, service and business propositions in a high-energy 2 day setting. Learn together with peers from inspiring teachers with daily field experience. The experience takes place in Eindhoven, innovation capital of the Netherlands and includes lunch and optionally diner and bar-night.

Who should join us?

There's too much inspiration and too little tool in innovation. You’ve had enough of theoretical talk on innovation that gets you nowhere: you want to know how to start, fast, but need direction. You’re an innovator, either embodied as an entrepreneur or intrapreneur: basically anyone that wants to make a big impact in changing their company. The course is open for everyone with over 5 years business background and no specific prior knowledge on innovation is required.

We’ll offer you a methodology, proven at Fortune 500 companies and large startups. The course will get you up to speed on innovation and how to apply it to your business, in the presence of your peers.

The course combines the latest theories of exponential thinking together with actionable and pragmatic canvas-based exercises, so don’t expect to sit back and listen to a monologue.

What you learn

  • Innovation fundament and dealing with uncertainty
  • How to think of innovation in terms of problems instead of solutions
  • To empathize with customers on social, emotional and functional level
  • How to drill down to customer job-to-be-done for real innovation opportunities
  • Size the market potential for non-existing markets
  • How to define pains and gains (right side of value proposition canvas)
  • How to ideate new solutions through a group process (brainstorming)
  • Design meaningful business concepts through the SUPERIOR framework
  • Mapping and spotting assumptions and finding your riskiest assumption
  • How to design an MVP and ghost launch with early adopters (First 10 canvas)
  • How to persevere of pivot your idea
  • Innovation Accounting
  • How to set up your own framework for modeling new business
  • What tools & canvasses to use
  • How other organisations apply these new tools and skills
  • Apply high-speed and energetic workshop techniques to make innovation fun!



Block 1: Dealing with uncertainty & the need for the new

Stories of disruptive startups; past, present and future

6 ways of predicting disruption

Fundaments of Design Thinking, Lean Startup and how they interconnect

Going customer centric instead of brand centric

Block 2: Creative Needfinding

Separating customer needs from wants: Job-to-be-done theory and the Milkshake example

Classification of needs; social, emotional, functional

Needfinding techniques: observation, in depth interviews

Problem classification: shark, mosquito, dog bite

Problem validation and problem solution fit

Block 3: Market sizing of immature markets

How to visualize new unborn markets and their potential

Theory of pockets of growth

Pocket of growth canvas

DAY: 2

Block 4: Designing the Amazing

The Value Proposition Canvas and Master Canvas

Beyond technology: Holistic Concepting

A method for organizing a canvas driven brainstorm

Consensus and prioritizing: roundtables and sticker voting

Block 5: Making progress through meaningful experiments

Experiment design best practices: Experiment Cards and Learning Cards

Assumption spotting and RAF theory

Measuring success: AAA innovation accounting

Pivoting and iterating decisions

Measuring progress through the Progress Board

Block 6: Ghost launching and Minimum Viable Product

Un-scaling: 5 techniques for rapid prototyping

Successful MVP examples from startups

The essence of MVP according to Reid Hoffman

From MVP to MLP

Identifying early adopters through First Ten canvas

Ghost launching strategies: beta brand, locally, etc


Block 7: Putting it all together

Startup in a day: 
From idea to value proposition. Guided by one of our coaches you’ll be designing a value proposition from scratch, including job to be done, pain and gain definition, product design and experiment design and MVP. All element of the past 2 days will be brought into practice.

What will you get

1. A ktc book of your choice: “Beat the Unicorn” or “Be Muskalicious” (pick your favourite!)

2. All used canvasses and cards in PDF & print

3. Innovation starters kit including

  • Official Time Timer
  • Post-it notes, Markers, Stickers for voting (to use during the course)
  • Hoodie
  • Google home

4. Full Innovation Lab experience including drinks & lunch. Dinner is optional.

5. Comeback Day: Free 1 hour whiteboard sparring session with one of our senior consultants (1 month after workshop)

Who will run the workshop?

Raising great innovators takes a village. The courses are co-hosted by a team of practitioners and teachers sharing over 20 years of practical experience in the areas they present, gained at several multinationals and high impact startups in Silicon Valley, Mexico, and The Netherlands.  

This experience is powered by ktc. This experience is powered by ktc. Joost van de Velde and Guido van Glabbeek, authors of the book “Be Muskalicious” and teachers who taught hundreds of innovators from Philips, KPN, Nationale-Nederlanden, Unilever, Univé Verzekeringen, Gemeente Eindhoven, Provincie Overijssel, Politie and others. Receiving an average of 8,7 rating.

When will the course take place? 

Winter 2020

DAY 1: Wednesday, January 22

DAY 2: Thursday, January 23

DAY 3: Friday morning, January 24

Important information

The minimum required number of participants is 8, maximum is 12. Please keep in mind that the course could be cancelled if this number is not reached. Nevertheless, based on our own experience we are confident that the number of participants will be reached and the course will continue.

Once you've claimed your ticket we will send you more information and keep you updated on the status of the course. If you have any questions, send an email to: jeroen@ktcagency.com or reach out to us at +31 6 18387060

The Mastering Business Design Series

Start Mastering New Business Design in this new series of workshops that combines the theory behind new business innovation with a hands-on approach that will directly be applied to your business. Each episode focusses on a different specialty of innovation: Customer Experience Design, Value Proposition Design, Business Model Design and Go-to-Market Design. Each of them is a standalone workshop and will teach you the tools, cases and mindset you need to know to master your specialty. But you can also take the complete track, to become a New Businesses Design Master in just a few weeks. 

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