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Breathwork & Sound Journey: Live Group Breathwork session

After a breathing session, you will feel more relaxed, at ease and de-stressed. Some people experience an intense feeling of peace&calmness

Door Djeena Joy

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vr. 12 aug. 2022 20:00 - vr. 7 apr. 2023 22:00 CEST


home Menkemastraat 1 2532TD Den Haag Netherlands

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Over dit evenement

Why breathwork?

Breathing; this most basic and essential of all our activities can also be the most transformative. The powerful breathing technique we will use, can help us get rid of worries and tensions and bring us back to our true nature of relaxed openness and connection with self and others.

Breathwork is simple, safe and fun. It has been practiced for thousands of years. Join me and experience how you can feel less stressed, more present and in a state of Bliss!


• reduction of stress and anxiety

• peace of mind and clarity

• Experience physical sensations and aliveness in your body!

• Compassion and connection to yourself and other people

Many participants say that after a breathwork session they feel energized, creative and focused.

More information:

What does an online breathwork session look like?

We will start with some connecting and grounding exercises. We will also dance & shake to prepare for the actual breathing session. After explaining the breathing techniques, you will lie down and go on an hour-long breathwork journey.

After the breathwork session, there is an opportunity to share your experience with the group. We will drink tea and enjoy some sweets.

Over de organisator

€ 45