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Coast to Coast Alumni Association "perpetuum in cordibus vestris"

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Dear Coast to Coast Alumni,

We are very pleased to invite you to the launch of the "Coast to Coast Alumni Association" on June 30th (8-9am PST / 17-18h CET) !

Since 2009 Coast to Coast has been working to connect the world on smart and green transportation solutions and you have been the inspiration for all of us to disrupt, collaborate and innovate. You are forever in our hearts, "perpetuum in cordibus vestris" (every self-respecting alumni association has a Latin phrase 😊 ).

In addition to your inspiration, your great talent as interns, trainees and fellows has made Coast to Coast what it is today and what it will be in the future. You have contributed to so many sweet memories and visible inspiration: STELLA goes USA, STORM goes USA, numerous exchanges between governments, industry, NGO's and academia, various state-of-the-art public policy and research projects, etc. It has resulted in the growth of startups into stock exchange listed companies, the start of governmental careers, the creation of new start-ups and the development of multi-national companies who are benefitting from all your experiences.

On June 30th we want to look at yesterday, today and tomorrow and see where we can develop each other, ourselves and the next generation of Coast to Coast interns, trainees and fellows: all working towards a better and cleaner earth !

We are very much looking forward hearing from you and seeing you June 30th !


Nina van Lent (2021)

Bob Brandjes (2016)

Ellen Hiep (2012)

Peter van Deventer (2009)

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Organisator van Coast to Coast alumni day

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