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Creating a 2020 Financial Plan you Enjoy

Rotterdam Business Breakfast

Vrijdag 13 december 2019 van 08:30 tot 10:30 (CET)

Creating a 2020 Financial Plan you Enjoy


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Attendee 12 dec. 2019 € 15,00 € 0,00 € 3,15
Free co-working day 13 dec. 2019 Gratis € 0,00 € 0,00
Free co-working + lunch (€5,- to pay at venue) 13 dec. 2019 Gratis € 0,00 € 0,00

Deel Creating a 2020 Financial Plan you Enjoy


Creating a 2020 Financial Plan you Enjoy


Resolutions; It’s that time of year again.


But...I don’t believe in resolutions.


I believe in looking back on what I did & didn’t like about the previous year to reflect. I believe in imagining exactly what I want next year to look and feel like so I get as specific as possible. 


In this session, we’ll look into what you want your 2020 to look like:

  • How do I want to feel when I wake up in the morning?
  • What do I want to see when I get home at the end of the day?
  • How do I want to recharge and rest?
  • Who do I want to have fun with?

Are you getting ready for a new chapter in your life? Or maybe you are considering a new chapter and just the idea of it is overwhelming?

Whether you’re quitting your job to be a full time entrepreneur, going through a divorce, or anything between, standing at the beginning of a new chapter and a new year can feel overwhelming with possibilities.


During this session, Jen will cover: 

  • Visualization
  • Small group break-out
  • Overview of resources to track your budget. 

Once we identify all of those things, we can start to play with how much each of those things cost.


This is where your values & emotions become so important.

When you get overwhelmed by the change, the options, or the cost of it all, your values & emotions help you navigate through the daily decisions. When there are no wrong answers, you need a rudder to guide you - a North Star, so to speak. By prioritizing the way you want to feel (emotions), you have this guide (values) that you can check within yourself to know if a decision you are making is right for you.


Okay. So how much work will this actually require?


Budgeting. Spreadsheets. Cutting back on spending.


Ugh. Who wants to think about that everyday?


A financial plan should tie in with your life phase, personality and goals. A financial plan you will enjoy following must tap into your emotions - what triggers you to make impulse buys & what motivates you to stay the course in times of FOMO.


Business Breakfast Bonus:


By attending this event you will also receive a 20,- discount for her hands-on and practical 4- hour morning workshop to take place on December 19th in Amsterdam. During the workshop, we will do another visualization, but in more detail. She will also do another small group break-out, but from a different perspective. Additionally, Jennifer will share the worksheet & app she uses to create a financial plan that she loves to look at.


About Jennifer van Dijk

Jennifer is an American accountant at Van Dijk Accounting with 20 years of accounting and audit experience with multinationals. She is also a financial advisor, mama, puzzler, entrepreneur, yogi, curiosity & beauty seeker and… 

She offers tools so people can take power into their own hands and shift the power dynamic in their lives through financial knowledge and independence.



This event will be at StartDock's newest coworking venue in Rotterdam. 


Westplein 12

 3016 BM



Tickets are € 15 (excluding VAT) and you can buy them up until midnight the day before the event.

A varied breakfast buffet will be served including coffee, tea and orange juice.

J oin us for breakfast and learn your business to the next level! We also suggest you have great questions.


Kind regards,

The Business Breakfast Team

Lara Wilkens, Jennifer Nunez, Juan David Garzon, Ana Carlina Gallo. 



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Waar en wanneer

StartDock Westplein
12 Westplein
3016 BM Rotterdam

Vrijdag 13 december 2019 van 08:30 tot 10:30 (CET)

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Rotterdam Business Breakfast

Amsterdam, Utrecht and Rotterdam (from September) Business Breakfasts are a monthly English-spoken breakfast networking events and workshops for local international entrepreneurs, don't break up their day or take up too much or their personal or time. They are professional and yet informal and are a means to connect, inspire and educate

Each month presentations and workshops (currently Amsterdam only) are given by  unique guest speakers or experienced entrepreneurs or experts in a specific field relevant to growing their business. These events are highly interactive with plenty of engagement and with the guarantee that participants will leave with a new lead to help further grow their business!

Amsterdam Business Breakfast also hosts morning workshops. During these small intimate and hands-on sessions, entrepreneurs are able to apply new skills and strategies immediately to their business to help further grow their business. 


Schedule for each event is as follows:


9:00 8.30 am:  Welcome and networking 
from 9.00 am to 10.00:  Presentation followed by questions 
10.00 to 10:10:  "Leads & Needs' - interactive session where needs are shared with audience who can directly respond with help and / or business leads. 
10.10 - 10.30:  Networking and closing


A healthy breakfast buffet is always available with plenty of coffee, tea and orange juice.


Whether you're a local, international, or an expat entrepreneur, ZZP'er, freelancer looking to  grow your network, get your business noticed, and generate leads,  then this is the event for you!

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