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Welcome to GK Academy

Our Amsterdam-based digital marketing course features weekly learning sessions for 20 weeks. This course will give you the capacity to understand and utilize the most reliable and effective digital marketing strategies, including (but not limited to) website optimization, content marketing, and social media marketing. Our coursework is based on the realities of doing business in a connected society.

Course Overview

Designed to meet the needs of business owners, IT managers, senior managers, and other types of managers, this course is right for any person who wishes to develop and/or implement a cohesive digital marketing strategy for a company. It's also suitable for those who wish to pursue careers as digital marketers. The course will give you the ability to boost the impact of your marketing efforts via a powerful digital toolkit. During the course, there will be 17 taught lessons and 3 exam sessions.

Course modules give students the power to do deep dives into almost every modern and useful digital marketing tool. Examination sessions are meant test the knowledge learnt. What you learn during the course will allow you to reach your target audience online or score a plum job in the digital marketing industry. To add even more value to this practical course, we provide internship opportunities to all of our students. This means that they have the opportunity to work on real case studies and agency projects for actual clients. Our internship perks will also give you access to our monthly workshops at no extra cost. These workshops make it easy for students to network with industry professionals.

The ten modules featured in our course are:

  1. Digital Marketing

  2. Website Optimization

  3. Content Marketing

  4. Social Media Marketing

  5. SEO

  6. Paid Search

  7. Display & Video Advertising

  8. Email Marketing

  9. Analytics

  10. Digital Strategy

Now, let's take a closer look at these key modules. Understanding all of the modules and how they work together is the key to digital marketing mastery.

1). Digital Marketing

During week 1 and 2, you'll be introduced to the fundamentals of digital marketing. This first module is designed to give you an insight into creating a buyer persona, finding your audience online, and identifying your individual selling proposition. This module is the starting point of an educational journey that will enable you to utilize digital marketing power as a core element of your organization's overall marketing strategy. All of the foundation principles of digital marketing will be covered.

You'll learn the difference between traditional and digital marketing, discover the opportunities presented by digital marketing, and gain understanding of key characteristics of digital marketing. The implications of digital marketing will also be thoroughly covered. By the end of module one, you'll have the basic knowledge of digital marketing foundations and principles that you need. You may start applying what you have learned in this module as you move through the rest of the course; module 1 is the beginning of a well-rounded education in every important digital marketing discipline.

2). Website Creation & Optimization

This module is centered on what makes a website functional, effective, and perfect. You'll learn the fundamental elements of impressive websites. You'll also learn why the process of ongoing website improvement is integral to successful website optimization. Elements of successful websites, including fast page load times, high "uptimes", landing page optimization, attractive and functional website design, conversion rate optimization, and usability will be covered. We'll also discuss the pivotal role that search engine optimization plays in the success of a website. Websites may be optimized for search engine optimization in an assortment of ways, with a mind to getting the strongest search engine rankings in addition to maximum conversions.

What you learn in Module 2 will give you the ability to hit your business targets as you also provide an exceptional experience to end-users. Superb website optimization adds value to any company's reputation while also impacting its bottom line. Without a solid comprehension of website optimization, a website may not offer the elements that viewers (and Google's search engine ranking system) look for.

3). Content Marketing

The Content Marketing and CMS (Content Management System) module runs for two weeks, and it is designed to give you skills and knowledge that you may use to plan and implement a great strategy for content marketing. You'll be able to put together a data-driven and persona-oriented strategy that helps you to achieve your business objectives. Your strategy will align with the customer journey and with your general marketing strategy.

During the course, we'll define content marketing and share facts about CMS. You'll also learn what a content marketing ecosystem is and discover the value of content marketing in the modern marketplace. This module is designed to show the purpose of content and what effective content is all about. We'll also discuss branding and how it ties into the best content marketing strategies. Creating your own professional brand will be a smart way of coming up with a successful content marketing strategy.

Additionally, this module will help you to understand the content marketing editorial process and the value of having an organized content calendar. The module will walk you through the content management system creation process from start to finish.

4). Social Media Marketing

This module features two weeks of learning designed to show you how to engage with customers online, via social media, in a meaningful and valuable way. You'll learn about hot trends within the social networking space, as well as opportunities that you can access by engaging with social media consumers, many of whom are constantly connected to their preferred social media platforms. You'll also learn which social networking platforms are the best fit for your goals. Furthermore, we'll talk about the challenges presented by social media.

After you complete this module, you'll be primed to choose and prioritize objectives for your company, clients, and goods and services. You'll also intuit how various social networking communication styles suit particular audiences. As well, you will know how to configure your social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and YouTube, so they contain the right features and appropriate privacy levels. Your profiles may then be developed or tweaked in order to attract a wide pool of fans and followers.

Every business owner, manager or digital marketer, needs to understand social media marketing. These days, it's used by all types of companies from almost every niche. It's for indie companies, as well as blue-chip corporations and everything in between. You need to learn how to maximize marketing via social media, and this module will give you the inside scoop.

5). SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization. In this one-week module, you'll learn how to utilize best practices and social networking concepts for paid and organic marketing activities. Your new knowledge will give you the capacity to oversee campaigns that offer impressive return on investment (ROI) and help you to meet your business goals.

There is an array of tactics that you may apply to enhance your website's ranking within search engines, including Google, which is the biggest of them all. We'll explain the main concepts of SEO, as well as the terminology that is commonly used in the SEO niche. You'll gain technical finesse that makes it easier to create and maintain a successful search engine optimization strategy.

In this module, the specialist tools that SEO experts use will be discussed in detail. These tools make it easy for search engines to access, view, and classify your website. We'll also discuss optimization techniques of on-page, as well as how to research and choose keywords. This module will deepen your understanding of the value of content updates. It will also give you the capacity to apply the right meta tags to improve your website’s search engine ranking.

In terms of off-page SEO, you'll discover the smartest ways to enhance positioning and ranking, including link-building. The monitoring and measurement of search engine optimization activity will also be covered in this module.

Without effective SEO, organizations that promote and/or do business online may fall behind their competitors. Companies are always trying to get on the first page of Google search engine results for their relevant keywords. To compete effectively, you need to learn the fundamentals, all of which are covered in this useful module.

6). Paid Search

This module runs for one week, and it explains concepts and tools of effective paid search campaigns. Pay-per-click campaigns are the most popular type of paid search ad campaigns. With this in mind, we'll discuss Pay-per-click (PPC) and the concepts and jargon that are utilized within the PPC niche. This module will give you the power to create and maintain a great paid search strategy. Module 6 covers the basics of search marketing in addition to providing vital information about the way PPC systems work. By the time you complete the module, you'll have the skills to perform keyword research at advanced levels, as well as do skilled keyword selection. Relevant keywords may be applied to Google AdWords campaigns.

Module 6 will also teach you how to analyze existing search marketing activity and how to customize your campaign so it appeals to relevant audience segments. Careful targeting of a campaign will boost click-through rates. If you don't target efficiently, you may waste time, energy, and other resources. You need to pinpoint your key demographics in your PPC campaigns. This module will help you to do that effectively.

Additionally, you will also learn the components of superb advertising copy and work on your ad writing skills. In addition, you'll access useful information on how to create and oversee budgets for Google AdWords campaigns. You'll also learn how to track the effectiveness of these paid search campaigns. Privacy and data protection issues that are relevant to PPC will also be discussed.

7). Display & Video Advertising

Module 7 lasts for two weeks, and it will give you the skills and technical know-how to create and manage a successful ad strategy for displays and videos. You'll master the fundamentals, such as display and video advertising concepts. You'll also learn how to make your own YouTube channel, how to effectively manage your video-based content, and how to identify the different ad formats found on YouTube and the Google Display Network. As well, you'll discover the right ways to make and manage Google AdWords display & video ad campaigns.

As a marketer, you'll always need to optimize your display/video ad campaigns. To help you do it right, we'll share information about what targeting is, how to re-market, and how to create a wise bidding strategy. As well, we'll show you how to track the success of your campaigns by creating comprehensive reports via Google Analytics and Google AdWords.

Display and video are hugely important modern marketing methods. People love displays/videos because they are easy to digest. When you master how to market your displays and videos correctly, you'll be ahead in the game. It's possible to make a big impact with displays and videos. It's something that no digital marketing campaign should be without.

8). Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to connect with new sales leads, regular customers, and VIP clients. In email marketing module, we'll teach you all of the email marketing basics and let you know how to strategize delivery plans for testing, optimizing, and reporting on the performance of your email marketing campaigns. During this Module 8, which contains three learning sessions, you'll master all the fundamentals and interesting and useful facts about online public relations and monetization. You'll also discover the importance of the buyer journey, permissions, the marketing life-cycle, and mobile.

This module will assist you with applying key principles, tactics, and actions for creating successful email marketing strategies. It will also help you to design engaging emails that generate sales leads and retain clients. When email marketing hits the target, it has the power to drive sales, polish a company's image, and reinforce brand recognition.

After you complete the module, you'll be able to create an email marketing campaign and use best practices, metrics, email tests, and stats to report/optimize your email campaigns. As well, you'll have good understanding of the tactics, processes, and value of automation in email marketing.

9). Analytics

In Module 9, you'll discover the fundamental concepts of utilizing analytics for digital marketing, from the first set-up to reporting. You'll recognize the components of web analytics and be able to make actionable conclusions based on information. You'll also have the capacity to make your own Google Analytics account for purposes of obtaining traffic and audience insights.

Completing this module will enable you to set objectives for your website and business and discover how to utilize analytics tools for the measurement of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and the measurement of website performance. In addition, you'll develop the capacity to differentiate all reporting features for digital marketing campaigns.

Our one-week Analytics Module will allow you to conduct analyses and reiteration of your campaigns by grabbing insights via the tracking and assessment of conversions, reviewing relevant KPIs, and reporting technical performance.

Without a good grasp of analytics, you may end up investing in forms of digital marketing that may not benefit your business. This module will give you the ability to analyze your campaigns in-depth. It's easier to make smart digital marketing decisions when you understand and use Analytics.

10). Digital Strategy

The tenth module utilizes a planning model known as PROPEL, which stands for:

  1. Plan
  2. Research
  3. Objectives
  4. Propose
  5. Execute
  6. Learn

This module will give you the skills and knowledge to create detailed and complex digital marketing strategies that are long-term in nature. Your long-term strategies will boost your odds of achieving your commercial and service marketing goals. During this module, you'll learn how to recognize the key component of a digital marketing strategy. You'll also discover the advantages of choosing the PROPEL digital strategy model. The module will assist you in establishing the foundation of your strategy, right from the ground up. The "ground-up” approach will include requirements, budget, and ownership.

We show our students a range of research methods, including audience, competitor, desk, and social listening. Learning about these methods will help you to direct your marketing activity properly. Our Digital Strategy module will also give you the power to set measurable goals and clear key performance indicators, as well as the ability to create a strategic plan that includes content. By the time you complete this module, you'll be ready to create a media plan and boost insights and performance of your business via teamwork and information analysis.

Course Assessment

Course assessment for students includes one mid-term examination, one final examination, and one digital marketing plan, which you may later use for your portfolio and business. Our course is designed to maximize your digital marketing skills and knowledge. You'll find that the course materials we provide make learning easy. They are designed by industry experts with extensive credentials and teaching experience. While you will need to study and successfully complete course requirements, you'll find that the course is designed with your educational or career success in mind.


We give our students the opportunity to work on genuine case studies in addition to accessing a wealth of theoretical knowledge via our Practical Learning Guide, which features ten modules of learning. We also give students the chance to work on real projects from actual agency clients. This gives them the real experience needed to succeed in the market after course completion.

After you finish the course, you'll have real work experience to show off, as well as a Letter of Recommendation from our institution. Also, you should know that, during the final session, after your final assignment is presented, we'll give you consultancy advice which is valued at $250. You may use this advice for your own business.

Another advantage of this course is the fact that you'll gain free access to our monthly workshops. They are worth $180. The workshops give our students the opportunity to network with pros in the industry. The workshops also show our students how to open their own agencies, find their own clients, and operate in specific niches of the market for the success of their businesses.

As you can see, most digital marketing courses do not offer the perks we offer. This one-of-a-kind perks are what make our course stand out from the crowd. We know that our students want and deserve these perks, and we are pleased and proud to provide them. We believe that our internship benefits function as a springboard for our students by getting them ready for employment in the digital marketing milieu.


The normal price of our digital marketing course is 2100 Euros. We offer a special rate for "early birds", which is 1850 Euros. If you want to space out your payments, you'll be pleased to know that we provide different payment plans.
Contact us for payment plan options!

You won't need to buy supplies. Everything that you need is included in the price. There are no books to purchase as all educational materials are provided in each of the modules. Also, you will access free internship benefits, which allow you to gather real work experience and connect with real industry pros.

If you have questions about the course, please connect with our GK Academy team today.

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