Discussing about black holes, the big bang and more

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Discussing about black holes, the big bang and more

We will connect and inspire each other by talking about the science of understanding the Universe, black holes, the big bang and more

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Hi there !

In this event we will discuss, connect and bring inspiration to each other by talking about the science of understanding the Universe, black holes, the big bang and other such topics :)

In our group we are in general talking about Space and other interesting topics in an non-formal, relaxed environment. Our discussions revolve around topics ranging from space exploration(human, robotic) to astrophysics, exoplanets, Science fiction, or we can talk about something different like our place in the universe as a species - we live on a giant spaceship - some call it Spaceship Earth - we sometimes talk about the challenges and opportunities in the age of AI and the accelerating change that we live in. All in all, it is usually a very interesting and entertaining discussion, so it should be fun :)

For the time being we have switched our events to online mode but still the discussions are interesting and engaging. If the government rules and recommendations regarding the pandemic will change, we will adapt accordingly, so make sure you check again this page for updates before the event. Thanks !

More about our meetings in general: The format of the meetings is open and flexible. This group is addressed to anyone who finds these topics interesting enough to come and meet others with similar interests and to explore knowledge together. The meetings are in no way addressed (mainly) to researchers or people active in science areas - in fact the more diverse backgrounds people have, the more interesting the dynamic of the discussions will be. If you will like the meetings, anyone can propose topics for future discussions.

Agenda for the event:

19:00 Walk in(connecting, mic test, etc) and get comfortable

19:10 Check-in and a short presentation about our discussion group and a few space news

19:20 Short discussion about the interests and curiosities of every participant (depending on the number of people)

19:45 Let's start a discussion about topics such as Black Holes, astrophysics, Cosmology, the big bang, and other subjects

20:45 closing and check-out :)

21:00 We can also stay longer if anyone wants to continue the discussion (we often do this)

And if you have ideas of events or topics that you would like us to address in our events - let's discuss these together - we are open to new events proposals.

Thank you for your interest, don't forget to subscribe if you plan on attending.

See you there !

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