Effective PhD supervision (postdoc/assistant prof.)

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Effective PhD supervision (postdoc/assistant prof.)

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*You can sign up until September 19*

Being a PhD-supervisor, you have a vested interest in working with motivated, well-functioning PhD students. The good thing is that, as a supervisor, you can greatly influence the effectiveness and motivation of your PhD students. Nevertheless, supervising PhD students can be difficult: they are not all the same. Whereas one PhD student may be easy to guide and communicate with, another needs a totally different approach. To deliberately align your supervision with the needs of various PhD students, it can be useful to deliberately practice your own supervisory skills.

This training programme consists of five meetings: two training sessions (4 hrs) and three workshops (3 hrs).

  • The hands-on 4-hours training sessions are focused on effective interaction skills (useful in every conversation and interaction) and feedback skills. In these sessions you will be able to practice your skills intensively and and deliberately. This will be done with the help of recognizable cases and supplemented with appropriate theories by the trainers. There will be two training groups of 5 participants: one group with postdocs and assistant professors, and one group with (associate) professors. Each group has 1 trainer to ensure customization and individual attention.
  • During the workshops, you will gain more insight on the following skills: setting goals and aligning expectations, coaching the development of PhD students and facilitating PhD students with their careers. In the workshops relevant theories and models will be presented, you will share experiences, discuss with peers and briefly practice. Groups consist of 10 participants (the two groups together) so that a variety of perspectives can be included into the discussion.

After participating in this training programme, you will be more aware of your own supervisory skills, have developed your own skills further and have practiced with a set of new skills. In concrete terms, this means that:

• you know which behaviours are effective in various situations and are, therefore, more aware of your own competences and areas for development.

• you have practiced with different types of supervising situations and apply what you have learnt in your daily practice.

Training dates and times

1. Training: Effective Interaction Skills

Tue 12 October 9.30-13.30 (2 parallel groups of 5 participants)

2. Workshop: Setting goals and aligning expectations

Tue 16 November 9.30-12.30 (10 participants)

3. Training: Progress focused feedback and direction

Thu 9 December 9.30-13.30 (2 parallel groups of 5 participants)

4. Workshop: Coaching the development of PhD Students

Fri 21 January 9.30-12.30 (10 participants)

5. Workshop: Facilitating PhD Students with their careers

Fri 18 February 9.30-12.30 (10 participants)

  • Location: To be announced
  • Language: English or Dutch, depending on nationalities participants
  • Trainers: Laurien Kunst and/or Marian Oosterhuis
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Organisator Graduate School of Medical Sciences

Organisator van Effective PhD supervision (postdoc/assistant prof.)

The Graduate School of Medical Sciences of the University of Groningen and the University Medical Center Groningen trains leaders in biomedical sciences.

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