Guided tour: former American embassy in The Hague

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Guided tour: former American embassy in The Hague

Come visit the monumental building of the former U.S. embassy in the centre of The Hague!

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Onze Ambassade Lange Voorhout 102 2514 EJ Den Haag Netherlands

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Every Sunday we organize special tours to the special library, the auditorium, the conference room and the ambassador's room. This tour is in English and lasts approximately 1 hour. The group size is limited number, please book your ticket on time.

The American Embassy was designed by the famous Hungarian-American architect Marcel Breuer and has a unique architectural and content meaning. This building (1959) plays an important role in Breuer's oeuvre, because it is one of the first large buildings he completed. At the same time, the special window/gable construction makes the building just as special as the MET-Breuer museum in New York. The national monument is an icon of post-war reconstruction and a symbol of 'Pax Americana'. At the same time, the building is an important monument to perhaps the most influential cultural movement of the 20th century: Bauhaus. An institute that from 1919 to 1933 introduced a groundbreaking new vision of bringing together various art disciplines and technology.

Incl. Brochure (author Nele Brökelmann) about Marcel Breuer and the history of the building.

For special tours/groups please contact Kevin Jansen: