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Would you like to informally pitch your startup during a lunch with KPN New Business?

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At KPN we believe that our innovation ambitions can be boosted by cooperating with young and talented (tech) organizations.

On top of that, we firmly believe that as a Corporate we can assist Startups with knowledge, resources and a broad network. Shortly, we are more than open for interaction with Startups an Scaleups.

Because of that we gladly invite you for our monthly KPN Startup Lunch with our New Business Team at our office.

Every last monday of the month a number of selected Startups are welcome for lunch at our office.


During the lunch Startups can do a plenary pitch on their business (in ) english for a maximum of 2 minutes. After your pitch, we connect you with the appropriate experts within KPN.

Bear in mind, that Startups with a working product and paying customers have the highest potential for cooperating with KPN.

Are you interested?

Order your tickets at this webpage and send your pitchdeck 1.5 weeks in advance to, so we will be able to connect you with our experts on your business.

Although startups in all relevant areas are welcome to join any of the lunches, we do have themes for every edition so that you can get even more out of it:

30 Maart: 5G

5G: we are looking for inspiring companies who built innovative products/services powered by 5G

20 April: Smart Mobility

Smart Mobility: We would like to get in touch with startups that expand our Mobility as a Service or automated/connected driving ecosystem or proof use cases on 5G on automated/connected driving.

25 May: Sustainability

Sustainability: We are looking for companies who provide sustainable solutions that are applicable to KPN's core business.

29 June: Digital Healtcare

Digital Healthcare: We are looking for companies with a significant footprint in digital healthcare that have innovative solutions in themes as patient engagement, delivering healthcare at home and healthcare data exchange.

28 September: Network & Infrastructure

Network & Infrastructure: We are looking for innovative companies who can deliver smart solutions for our 5G network and infrastructure.

26 Oktober: IoT

IOT: For IOT, we are looking for companies who have innovative 5G, LTE-M or LoRa solutions in asset tracking, climate monitoring, IoT agriculture or waste management solution.

30 November: Fieldforce

Fieldforce: We are looking for innovative companies who can deliver practical remoted assistance for our field force.

14 December: Retail

Retail: Do you have the technology to produce and sell innovative IOT gadgets with a significant current footprint? For example: to enhance

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Wilhelminakade 123

123 Wilhelminakade

3072 AP Rotterdam


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