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Let the Future Generations Escape

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Symposium on the human rights of future generations in the framework of Hugo de Groot (Grotius) year

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On 18 & 19 November Loevestein castle, in collaboration with Maastricht University and Lab Toekomstige Generaties (Lab Future Generations), will organize a symposium on the human rights of future generations.

This symposium is organized in the framework of the Hugo de Groot (Grotius) year, in which Grotius’ work is commemorated 400 years after his escape from Loevestein Castle in 1621. A question to be discussed is how our legacy will be judged in 400 years from now, in 2421?

A very contemporary idea in this respect is Grotius’ personal motto which may inspire us: Ruit hora, which means: Time is running away! How can we use the present time to the best of our abilities to preserve human life in the future? Important questions that need to be addressed today are: How do we protect, safeguard and restore the commons and natural resources for our future generations if we are not able to use and share these equally and responsibly today? If we can’t, and probably don’t want, to make the people of the past accountable, how can we take responsibility today?

The symposium is a starting point in filling this gap. During the symposium the above questions will be addressed. Maastricht University has taken the initiative to draft a legal expert opinion (the Maastricht Principles) which explains the human rights of future generations so that they powerfully address the severe risks that have been imposed on future people. The idea of a set of Principles will be explained and run as a red thread throughout the symposium. Many influential speakers from home and abroad already agreed to participate. More details on the program will follow soon.

The symposium takes place on November 18th in the afternoon, and November 19th during the day. The symposium will be held at Loevestein Castle, in Poederoijen, the Netherlands. Given the Covid-19 restrictions, we probably can allow only a limited number of visitors to the castle ground. To ensure that as many people as possible can participate, the symposium is also accessible online.

Organised in collaboration with:

		Afbeelding van Let the Future Generations Escape

Under the auspices of the Netherlands Commission for Unesco:

		Afbeelding van Let the Future Generations Escape


*Detailed program can be found below

18th November

  • 12.00 - Reception with lunch
  • 13.30 - Start symposium day 1
  • 17.30 - End symposium with closing drinks
  • 18.30 - Optional: Walking dinner at Loevestein

19th November

  • 09.00 - Reception with coffee and tea
  • 10.00 - Start symposium day 2
  • 12.30 - Lunch
  • 17.15 - End symposium with closing drinks


Livestream code - € 0,-

This is a registration for the livestream which will be available online. The link for the livestream will be send by email a week before.

Passe-Partout - € 25,-

This ticket includes entry for both days, including lunch and drinks.

Passe-Partout for students - € 15,-

This ticket includes entry for both days, including lunch and drinks. Note: You must be able to show a student card of the study-year 2021/2022.

One day ticket - € 15,-

This ticket includes entry for the day of choosing, including lunch and drinks on that day.


Walking dinner on 18th of November, including drinks - € 30,-

This is only possible in combination with a Passe-Partout, or a one day ticket for the 18th of November. The walking dinner will be all vegetarian.

		Afbeelding van Let the Future Generations Escape

Detailed programme

More information can be found on; Wetenschappelijk Symposium op Loevestein

18th of November

  • 12:00 - Reception with lunch
  • 13.30 - Welcome and introduction to the conference by Ed Dumrese, director Loevestein, and Rianne Letschert, Rector Maastricht University.
  • 13.40 - Presentation about underlying meaning of Maastricht Principles by Fons Coomans, professor holding the UNESCO Chair in Human Rights and Peace, Maastricht University & Director of the Maastricht Centre for Human Rights, and Rolf Künnemann, Founding Secretary General of FIAN International, Coordinator of the Initiative for the Human Rights of Future Generations.
  • 14.10 - Keynote about Rights of Future generations and the ethical point of view by Roman Krznaric, philosopher and founder The School of Life.
  • 14.40 - Q&A
  • 14.50 - Break
  • 15.10 - Keynote about Rights of Future generations and the link with human rights from a legal and political view by Marcel Szabo, former ombudsman for future generations between 2012-2016, and currently serving as justice at the Constitutional Court of Hungary (from 2016).
  • 15.40 - Q&A
  • 16.00 - Reaction on the Maastricht Principles and previous presentations by [t.b.d.]
  • 16.10 - Discussion
  • 16.40 - Future speaking through us: exercise and panel discussion with focus on climate change. Moderated by Werner Schouten, chairman Jonge Klimaatbeweging / Youth Climate Movement.
  • 17.15 - Wrap up and closing remarks by Jan van de Venis
  • 17.30 - Closing drinks
  • 18.30 - Dinner @ Loevestein [optional]

19th of November

  • 09.00 - Reception with coffee and tea
  • 10.00 - Welcome and introduction to the program by Ed Dumrese, director Loevestein.
  • 10.05 - Welcome by Dineke de Groot, President of the Supreme Court and ambassador of the Hugo Grotius year.
  • 10.15 - Keynote by [t.b.d.]
  • 11.00 - Keynote on the link between Grotius and Human Rights by Nico Schrijver, Professor of Public International Law at Leiden Law School.
  • 11.20 - Break
  • 11.40 - College Tour with; Aoife Fleming, Campaigner - World's Youth for Climate Justice, Simone Filippini, President Leadership4SDGs, and [t.b.d.]
  • 12.20 - Final questions to all speakers
  • 12.25 - Recap of morning session
  • 12.30 - Lunch, and visiting Loevestein fortification, castle and exhibition on Hugo Grotius

  • 14.00 - Welcome and introduction on second part
  • 14.10 - Next generations speaking
  • 14.30 - Think tank workshops on future questions linking it towards Grotius and Human Rights. Facilitated by Kathleen Ferrier, Chairperson at Netherlands Commission for UNESCO, Tineke Lambooy, Professor of Corporate Law at Nyenrode Business Universiteit, Jessica den Outer, Director Earth Advocacy Youth, and SeMUel Sahureka, founder and spokesperson Saka Mese Nusa AllifURU foundation.
  • 15.10 Coffee break
  • 15.30 - Posters Presentations Think tank workshops
  • 15.45 - Interactive dialogue between different generations on rights of future generations 2421. Speakers are Cees Flinterman, professor International and European Law, Maastricht University, SeMUel Sahureka, founder and spokesperson Saka Mese Nusa AllifURU foundation, Bahia Tahzib, NL Human Rights Ambassador, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Aoife Fleming, Campaigner - World's Youth for Climate Justice.
  • 16.30 - Closing speech by Shlomo Shoham, First Commissioner for Future Generations and as a legal advisor to the Constitution Law and Justice Committee Israel.
  • 17.00 - Wrap up
  • 17.10 - Spoken word art by Marieke Lucas Rijneveld, Dutch writer and poet.
  • 17.15 - Closing drinks


Depending on the active Covid-19 measurements, it can be possible that every visitor needs to be able to show a ‘European Digital Covid Certificate’.

The following will be applicable when the certificate is necessary;

You can only enter the symposium if you; (1) are fully vaccinated a minimum of 2 weeks before the symposium, (2) can submit a proof of a negative test, or (3) submit proof of recovery.

Please note that you must install the 'CoronaCheck'-app, any other 'European Digital Covid Certificate', or bring your printed certificate with you. Without a valid QR and your ID we cannot give you access to the symposium.

		Afbeelding van Let the Future Generations Escape

Op 18 en 19 november organiseert Loevestein, in samenwerking met Maastricht University en Lab Toekomstige Generaties een symposium over de mensenrechten van toekomstige generaties.

Het symposium wordt georganiseerd tijdens het Hugo de Grootjaar. In dit themajaar wordt het gedachtegoed van Hugo de Groot herdacht, 400 jaar na zijn spectaculaire ontsnapping uit Loevestein in 1621. Tijdens het symposium wordt door invloedrijke sprekers uit binnen- en buitenland stilgestaan bij de vraag hoe onze nalatenschap over 400 jaar wordt beoordeeld, in 2421.

Hugo de Groots persoonlijke motto is hierbij immer actueel: Ruit hora, de tijd vliegt! Hoe kunnen wij onze tijd zo goed mogelijk besteden om het menselijk leven in de toekomst te behouden? Vragen die tijdens het symposium worden besproken zijn: hoe beschermen, bewaken en herstellen we onze gedeelde hulpbronnen voor onze toekomstige generaties, als we deze vandaag de dag niet op verantwoorde en gelijkwaardige manier kunnen aanspreken? En, als we onze voorouders hiervoor niet verantwoordelijk kunnen en niet willen maken, hoe kunnen wij dan nu wel onze verantwoordelijkheid nemen?

Het symposium is een aftrap om deze leemte op te vullen en bovenstaande vragen te bespreken. Maastricht University heeft het initiatief genomen om een deskundig ​​juridisch advies op te stellen waarin de mensenrechten van toekomstige generaties worden uitgelegd. In deze ‘Maastricht Principles’ dienen om krachtig op te treden tegen de ernstige risico’s die dreigen voor onze toekomstige mensen. Het idee van een reeks principes zal worden uitgelegd en als rode draad door het symposium lopen. Meer details over het programma volgen binnenkort.

Het symposium vindt plaats op 18 november in de middag en 19 november overdag, op Loevestein, in Poederoijen, Nederland. Gezien de mogelijke beperkingen door Covid-19, kunnen we waarschijnlijk slechts een beperkt aantal bezoekers op het kasteelterrein toelaten. Om ervoor te zorgen dat zoveel mogelijk mensen kunnen meedoen, is het symposium ook online toegankelijk.

De voertaal van het symposium is Engels.

The Hugo Grotius year has been realized with the help of the following funds:

		Afbeelding van Let the Future Generations Escape
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