Making Outbound Sales work in SaaS Companies

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Making Outbound Sales work in SaaS Companies

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Cold calling is dead, right? So why do all major global SaaS players still bother to do it and drive most of their revenue via Outbound sales?

Over the past years, outbound sales has become a science rather than a dirty job. Through millions of data points and collective intelligence, we can for the first time in history understand which approaches really do work and which ones don't. This course will lay out all of these best practices, and give you many insights to apply and drastically improve your results.

Outbound sales is not dirty, but a fine-tuned awareness creation tactic that puts relevance for the recipient at first place. In this course, we want to change the minds sales reps and managers to open up to the possibilities that outbound sales entails and show how to reap the fruits of fine-tuned outreaches.

Who is talking? Tom van Berkel (CCO at Easygenerator, ex-google & ex-salesforce) that grew his company to multiple million dollar recurring revenues by focussing on Outbound and Nils Brosch, (ex. CCO at Recruitee, Founder at ‘SaaS Collective’ and Commercial Consultant for SaaS companies).

What to expect:

The course will address fears and doubts head-on and deliver practical, take-home-and-implement knowledge for all attendees.

For whom:

  1. SaaS sales rep that is charged with the project of making outbound work

  2. SaaS Head of Sales that looks for the next layer of growth


From Inbound to Outbound

  • Why inbound is never enough

  • How inbound and outbound differ and where they overlap

  • How to leverage on inbound for outbound deals

  • The secret to the most optimal set up of your outbound team

Targeting: The Ideal Customer Profile

  • Why having a clear Ideal Customer Profile is so more important in outbound than in inbound

  • How to create a winning ICP

Quality vs. Quantity

  • The difference between quality and quantity outreach

  • When to reach out at mass, and when not to

  • Why you need a combination of both

Prospecting: The Outbound Message

  • How to write a subject line that every prospect wants to open your email

  • Understanding why personalization does not have to take a lot of time

  • How to really be creative in your messaging

  • Closing your email in a way prospects will actually respond

The Cadence: Continuous Follow Up

  • Get all the insights into what the best proven cadence is

  • The Do's and Don'ts in your follow up

Prospecting: The Outbound Call / smart call

  • Why cold calling still works

  • How to nail down the opening of your call

  • Understanding what best-in-class salespeople do to handle any objection

  • Should or should you not leave a voicemail?

Bonus: Management

  • What skills should you look for in your outbound hires

  • How should you set the right targets and compensation for your outbound sales team

  • How to balance career progression with stability of your outbound team