€ 250 – € 295

NATURE QUEST // 24 hrs solo in the woods


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28 - 30 June - Ardennen

It is time for a very special event: with a small group of men we will go into the Ardennes for a Nature Quest.

This is an age old practice to deepen your connection with nature and yourself.

The concept is simple:

We drive into the forrest.

Friday night we spend together around the fire. Sharing intentions.

On Saturday you will start your own 24 hrs solo Nature Quest.

You will be alone in the woods for 24 hours. No phone. No big words. Just you, your fire and your relating to nature.

On Sunday we gather again at basecamp and share our experience.

The Nature Quest will be hosted by Jeroen Biegstraaten, Sjors Boelaars and Koen Brinkgreve.

The Nature Quest is initially only available for men who did the Lion’s Roar or the Arise workshops.

28 June 18:00u - 30 June 15:00u


€250 (early bird tot 1 juni)
€295 (normal)

Incl. food.
Excl. transport to the Ardennen & gear.

Nature Quest:

For ages men have been going into the woods to tune into themselves. There is something special happening when you go on a Nature Quest. You are very silent, you are very still. There is nothing to do, to achieve or to plan. There is no distraction. You expose yourself to nature and with that to your inner self. Naked and true.


An ideal kit contains:

  • Hiking boots (the area we’re going to has some swampy bits)

  • Tent or tarp

  • Sleeping bag

  • Rain jacket + trousers

  • Backpack

  • Torch

No problem if you don’t have all of this readily available. We get you in contact with the other attendees so you can organise gear & transportation.

Call Sjors 0652173764 sjors.boelaars(at)gmail.com

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