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A multi-part project convened by BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht with artist Kader Attia and decolonial forum La Colonie, Paris

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17 April–1 August 2021

Opening: 17 April 2021, 13.30–18.00 hrs CEST,

BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht proudly presents Fragments of Repair, a multi-part project consisting of an exhibition, collective study program, and series of gatherings in collaboration with artist Kader Attia and decolonial forum La Colonie, Paris. In the project, Attia proposes the notion of decolonial repair as a tactic to engage with the planetary urgencies of collective mental health in a world wounded by the Covid-19 pandemic. The online opening program takes place on Saturday 17 April 2021, 13.30–18.00 hrs CEST, broadcast live from BAK in Utrecht and La Dynamo de Banlieues Bleues—a temporary hosting venue for La Colonie—in Pantin, Paris, and is accessible via Zoom and a livestream on Please register here on Eventbrite!

Please note that while the online opening program on 17 April 2021 and all other parts of the project take place according to schedule, due to the uncertainties brought about by the current pandemic conditions, the opening of the exhibition Fragments of Repair/Kader Attia at BAK is yet to be determined. Until then, BAK invites individual people (or a maximum of two people from one household) to spend a day within the exhibition, and engage with the works’ decolonial concept of “repair.” Interested in this “one-day residency”? See here for more info.

Opening program

Saturday, 17 April 2021, 13.30–18.00 hrs

(All times are Central European Summer Time CEST)

13.30–13.40 hrs


Maria Hlavajova and Wietske Maas 

13.40–14.30 hrs


Kader Attia, Maria Hlavajova, and Wietske Maas

14.30–14.40 hrs

EXHIBITION “FRAGMENT”: Fragments of Repair/Kader Attia

Maria Hlavajova

14.40–15.20 hrs


Get Mad, Fight Back!

Tools to Resist the Economy of Exhaustion  

Françoise Vergès 

15.20–15.30 hrs

EXHIBITION “FRAGMENT”: Fragments of Repair/Kader Attia

Maria Hlavajova

15.30–16.10 hrs


New Subliminalities: The Psychic Locus of Decoloniality

Catherine Malabou

16.10–16.20 hrs

EXHIBITION “FRAGMENT”: Fragments of Repair/Kader Attia

Maria Hlavajova

16.20–17.00 hrs


Repair of Reason

Achille Mbembe 

17.00–18.00 hrs


Kader Attia, Françoise Vergès, Catherine Malabou, and Achille Mbembe, moderated by Sven Lütticken

Decolonial Repair

Injury, wound, and repair have been key concepts across Attia’s artistic practice, especially in relation to the material and immaterial injustices of colonial violence that persist into the present. The current conditions bring these injustices into sharper relief, while adding additional injuries through chronic uncertainty, social isolation, exhaustion, loss, and fear. What pathways can repair—not a return to past ways, but an itinerary shaped by demands for decolonization and the politics of restitution—offer to life in and out of the viral and psychological pandemonium?

Multi-part Project and New Work

The project unfolds through multiple dispersed yet interconnected “fragments,” including Fragments of Repair/Kader Attia, an exhibition by Attia at BAK in Utrecht; Fragments of Repair/La Colonie Nomade, a collective study program convened by Françoise Vergès and hosted at La Dynamo de Banlieues Bleues in Pantin, Paris; and Fragments of Repair/Gatherings, an online series of lectures, conversations, screenings, and assembly forums convened by BAK on Over the course of the program, Attia engages in the production of a new work in the form of a podcast and sound installation. It probes repair as a concrete practice to counter the psychological impact of living through a pandemic, realized in collaboration with students, academics, and activists in the city of Utrecht and a number of partners in the field of higher education and medical research. Fragments of Repair has been conceptualized by Kader Attia and Wietske Maas in conversation with Maria Hlavajova, Rachael Rakes, Françoise Vergès, and the BAK Team.

Opening Program

The opening program on 17 April 2021, to follow via Zoom and a livestream on bakonline,org, consists of conversations, lectures, and panel discussions, and includes contributions by artist Kader Attia; BAK general and artistic director Maria Hlavajova; art historian and BAK senior research advisor Sven Lütticken; BAK curator Wietske Maas; philosopher Catherine Malabou; philosopher and political thinker Achille Mbembe; and political theorist, feminist, and decolonial activist Françoise Vergès. Specifics to follow.

The opening program is free of charge, but registration is required: please sign up here via Eventbrite.



The activities of BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht are made possible with the financial support of the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and the City Council, Utrecht. Fragments of Repair is part of the long-term BAK research itinerary Propositions for Non-Fascist Living (2017–ongoing) and has received additional funding from: VSBfonds, Utrecht; BankGiro Loterij Fonds, Amsterdam; BNG Cultuurfonds, The Hague; Fonds 21, Utrecht; Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Utrecht; Institut français des Pays-Bas, The Hague; and Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen (ifa), Stuttgart.

BAK’s main partner in the field of education and research is HKU University of the Arts Utrecht.

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