Online Tuesday #94: "The Floor is Yours"


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De Nieuwe Liefde

Da Costakade 102

1053 WP Amsterdam


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Online Tuesday #94: "The Floor is Yours"

December, a month that's charaterized by Sinterklaas, Christmas and New Years Eve. However, that's not all that December has to offer, The Floor is Yours is also on the agenda! This Online Tuesday edition is a little different than usual. We will give the stage to 10 people with a great idea, product, service or start-up. They will be pitching their story for the audience and a jury.

Sounds cool right? Don't hesitate to register a ticket or send in your pitch!


It wouldn't be a competion without a jury, so we arranged a fine panel of judges that know their pitches. Meet the experienced professionals here:

  • Jeroen Mirck - Marketingfacts
  • Boudewijn de Jong - Pünktlich
  • Erik van der Kooij - XS4ALL

Will you be taking the stage?

Send us the idea of your pitch in half a A4 text max (short:a management summary of the pitch, images excluded), in which you tell us:

  • What you will be pitching
  • Why the audience of Online Tuesday (a nice mixture of creatives and marketeers with a passion for online marketing) should hear your story
  • Why you simply MUST to be on the stage

The registration opens today, October 25, and you can enroll by sending an email with the information above to


The 10 selected start-ups that will be speaking during "The Floor is Yours" are:

Spots - Kevin Delgado
“Vandaag nog geknipt. Een realtime overzicht van alle kapsalons en hun beschikbaarheden.”

Harvest - Jos IJntema
“Harvest is je eigen online data science platform dat succesvolle bedrijven helpt hun online winsten te verhogen door hun data efficiënt en effectief in te zetten.”

Crowdster - Boris Boonzajer Flaes
“Crowdster adds gamification to your marketing campaign.”

Cape - Michiel Blonk
“Simplifying digital campaigns”

In 3 steps to Freedom - Freek Verhaak
“There is no better way for the audience of Online Tuesday to end 2019 and start 2020 with their 3 STEPS TO FREEDOM. Their way of becoming a millionaire in their own currency.” - Harm Schweigman
“Een one stopshop waar Content creators/eigenaren en online uitgevers content kunnen uitwisselen.”

THX - Johan Goedhart
“The fast paced and automated Crossmedia platform for brands, agencies and publishers.”

FiveDolphins - Ger van de Buijs
“Realtime context based communication plugin.”

CopyRobin - Wilco Verdoold
“Building the biggest copywriting platform in the world.”

Record Once - Justin Halsall
“Record Once, a tool that takes the tedium out of keeping product videos up to date.”


We are back at The Nieuwe Liefde, in the city center of Amsterdam @Da Costakade 102 in Amsterdam.


You can make a reservation through this Evenbrite. So make sure both you as your clients, colleagues and friends have tickets and register a ticket now!

Did you miss out on the ticket sale anyways? You can add yourself to the waiting list so the first empty spot will be yours!

Did you already sign up through Meetup, do still make a reservation on here. The Eventbrite ticket is the only valid entry ticket.


The event will be shot by a professional photographer and published on both the Socials as website of Online Tuesday and partners.

Partners and sponsors

Online Tuesday is a monthly event about online marketing, organised by Marketingfacts, DQ&A, Newpeople and Punktlich, and sponsored by Affiliate Summit and EDM Digital Solutions.


In the past Online Tuesday has been made possible by our sponsors such as Marktplaats/eBay, exponential, Massarius, Measureworks, Oracle Marketing Cloud and Nextail. For the upcoming season we are looking for parties that are willing to contribute to our events, both financially as substantively. As a sponsor you will compile a contribution suited to your organisation.

The sponsoring of the regular sessions and the New Years Drink will be offered separately, but naturally combinations are possible.

Are you interested and would you like to know more about the different sponsoring possibilities? Get in contact with Lorraine Koevoets via 06 209 578 65 or

Do you have any questions? Do not hesitate to ask & send and e-mail to!

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Datum en tijd


De Nieuwe Liefde

Da Costakade 102

1053 WP Amsterdam


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