Open Classes - Single Ticket

Open Classes - Single Ticket

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Toneelgarage Rotterdam

14C Dunantstraat

3024 BC Rotterdam


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Contemporary dance classes for movement professionals.

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Lazy Susan & Co opens its studio door for freelance contemporary dancers around the area of Rotterdam to give them the opportunity to train together. By providing recurrent professional dance classes, we aim to help professional movers to be consistent with their training, stay curious about movement, improve their skills, and meet with other professionals. We also welcome other movement professionals such as circus artists, martial artists, and dancers with other backgrounds. A basic level in dance and an open attitude is required when participating in our classes.


Every Monday and Tuesday @Toneelgarage Rotterdam

Class from 9.30-11.00

You can enter the space from 9.00

You can leave the space at 11.30



With a single class ticket you can attend an open class for a specific day.

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