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A lunch session on how to do policy work better within the Netherlands.

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Are you working in policy or plan on doing so in the future? Do you want to know about promising career opportunities? Do you have ideas on how EA Netherlands can make a larger impact in this cause area?

On June 22nd lunch time, we are having some engaging experts to talk to on how long term policy making and improving institutional decision making are done in the Netherlands and elsewhere.

Final program

12:00-12:05 - Introduction by Derek, eventmanager EA Netherlands

12:05-12:20 - Keynote talk by Rumtin Sepasspour - Policy: A lever for change and long-term impact

12:20-12:30 - Q&A Rumtin Sepasspour

12:30-12:40 - Keynote talk by Natasja van de Geest - Connecting science to policy making at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs

12:40-12:50 - Q&A Natasja van der Geest

12:50 -13:00 - Wrap up

13:00 - 3:15 - Optional: Discussion!

Discussion questions:

What ‘career/job’ gaps and opportunities seem to be most pressing within this area?

What are the next steps to take the topic opportunities in policy’ further within the EA Netherlands community?

Target audience

This event cannot be missed by people who are already (somewhat) familiar with EA and are interested, or already working in, policy or policy research.

Zoomlink, mute yourself and questions in the chat

Got a ticket? You will receive the Zoomlink and final information the day before the event.

Mute yourself and we love it if you could turn on your camera, during the intro's and Q&A's, to connect more. But do what makes you feel comfortable.

Please add your questions to the chat during the talk!


We would like the participants to read this 80k writing on longtermism and policy work (2 minutes):

Meet the speakers

Rumtin Sepasspour is a former Policy Officer at Australia's Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, where he worked on foreign policy and national security issues. As a CSER Research Affiliate, he is publishing a series of papers on how national governments can manage global catastrophic risks. He is also leading a project on building the policy capability of the existential and global catastrophic risk research community.

His talk will address the community gaps within long-term policy work and how to improve them.

Our second speaker is Natasja van der Geest. She studied economics and European studies, worked to promote trade with the Netherlands in both Bolivia and China. Currently she is Deputy Head of the Strategic Advisory Unit, a group within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that concerns itself with strategic advice for all matters within the Ministry such as resources security, ‘eurogovernance’ and the effects of technological developments.

Her talk will be about how she connects science with policy making in her job, a subject interesting to many people in EA. We hope to see you there!

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