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Project Management Core School (PMO) Bring yourself and your organization to the next level as a Project Management Office Professional

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Course Description

The PMO Core School is a three-day training for people in PMO roles. The objective is to provide hands-on training in key elements of mobilizing and operating a PMO, sharing practical experiences and building a network. After this module-based training you will have a clear understanding of the basic PMO processes, activities, and roles. You will be inspired and skilled to implement new ideas.

To get hands-on experience, the exercises are built around a business case. With your study group, you will go through different stages that a PMO will encounter on a project.

Areas the PMO School covers:

• Status and Progress Reporting

• Project and Program Planning

• Change Control

• Financial Management

• Resource Management

• Risk & issue Management

• Meeting Facilitation skills

Learning Goals for this course are:

• Understanding of key PMO processes and being confident to implement them.

• Understanding the role of PMO in relation the organization and related to project manager.

• Know what is required to start, run and close projects in a controlled manner.

• Being able to setup project and program status reporting and align this with project stakeholders.

• Know how to best facilitate project meetings.

• Advance your soft skills by learning from real-life examples from our experienced trainers.

Duration training

3 days Online

Suggested sizing

12 - 20 participants


€ 995, - (excl. VAT) per participant.

Target audience

This course is targeted at professionals who want to gain more theoretical knowledge of PMO and improve their soft skills in the complex project management environment. So, whether you have experience running a PMO office or are relatively new to the field, this course will help you making the right steps in the right direction.

What Attendees Get

• A three-day empowering training provided by experienced Accenture trainers

• Experiences from real projects brought into the virtual classroom and used for learning purposes.

Why The Accenture Training Centre?

We know PMO. Our clients have achieved lower delivery volatility, integrated planning and effective decision making using our PMO services. In the Netherlands, our team of 80 professionals is helping clients every day running and implementing PMO. This course is built up around the deep PMO knowledge and experience we have gained over the years. Not only from the Netherlands, but also from our global project delivery experience in 200 cities in 120 countries.

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