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Join the RA*W PITCH on september 24th and 25th to help TMRRW make a difference for young talent.

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*This event is in english and digital*

Want to help the next generation of talent?

Young talent often finds that a study or job doesn’t fit them. 33% of students switch their study in the first year and 61% off starters switch jobs in the first two years. This is mostly because of a mismatch in expectations.

So there’s a problem: talent doesn't get to see what a job or study is actually like and they often get a branded sales pitch instead of a transparant overview.

Meet TMRRW a videoplatform that can kind of be seen like a Tiktok for jobs. It’s full of video’s of people who explain what they study, do for a job and what their day looks like. These video’s give a more honest, authentic and transparant view of what a job is like. Giving talent a better guide in picking their job or study.

At the upcoming RA*W PITCH we will work on a communication challenge for TMRRW at Friday evening the 24th and Saturday the 25th. By collaborating with colleagues from different disciplines and backgrounds, you quickly come up with concepts that solve real challenges of TMRRW. Using various idea generation techniques and reviews, you can quickly shake up concepts from the proverbial sleeve, which you can present directly to the customer.

So: are you an account, strategy, creative, design, PR, media or production student or talent with 0-5 years of experience? Grab a spot!

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