Revival leadership school 3 : Leading for increase


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School 3: Leading for increase

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School 3


We were created with a rhythm, laid out in the garden. From here we discover our destiny in the context of the world in which we find ourselves and the people in it. Leading this generation and realising that our goal is to be guides who raise heroes we need to develop the art of being present for each other. Introducing others to the reality of Jesus, the ultimate starting point for being present, we are born again into freedom and our churches must reflect that heavens plan is freedom. It is only in freedom that we can experience real lasting increase. Being free and present we can be the integrous, trustworthy revealers of heaven, leading as mums and dads unafraid of the tension brought by pursuing heaven on earth or bringing tomorrow into today and embracing this in a culture of vision.CONTENT

1 Feedback & Testimonies

2 Rest & Identity: Driven or Drawn

3 Discovery: Personal

4 Our Generation: The people in our world

5 Leading ‘Big People’

6 This present presence

7 Leading Meetings for Salvation

8 From Control to Freedom: A cultural journey

9 A Culture of Increase

10 Becoming Believable

11 Leading as Fathers & Mothers

12 Divine Order

13 What do we need more of

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