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Looking for valuable feedback to get your startup going? Ask experienced investors and entrepreneurs for help!

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Every startup starts with an idea. And you may have taken the first steps to actually realise its potential. But what do you have to do to make it grow substantially? To develop that idea into a company? How to make the rocket take you to the moon?

The key is: share it, talk to people. Not just any people, but the ones that can give you valuable advice. They are the ones that provide the fuel.

That is why we have created the possibility for you to get advice from the best: experienced entrepreneurs and investors. You can pitch your idea in front of 3 experts, and get the best ideas on how to move forward.

So: are you in the first phase of your startup life, and want to get your engines running? Be sure to register for our Rocket Fuel session, and get some free advice from the best!

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Organisator StartupUtrecht

Organisator van Rocket Fuel Session

As StartupUtrecht we believe that a startup is more than the sum of its parts, more than just a good idea, a kickass team and a big market. We help reginal startups ans scape-ups with opening up the access to capital, corporates, customers and skills.

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