Roll And Release: Myo-Yin With Balls (Frontside Body & Lower Legs)

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Roll And Release: Myo-Yin With Balls for the Frontside Body & Lower Legs// with Jonas

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Roll and Release: Letting go of tension in your body

These two workshops are all about releasing the Fascia on the frontside of your body and your lower legs. Not just with the long held yin yoga poses, but with different techniques we use including balls. With a ball we can roll, compress and stimulate these tissues to make them happy, joyful and free.

What you will learn:

6 June:

We will target the frontlines of Fascia in the body. The more obvious muscles like the Quads, Hip flexors and the Pectoralis brothers, but we will also be working on the deeper layers of the Visceral Fascia. The Fascia that surrounds your abdominal area and every organ in it, including your diaphragm (your breathing muscle). You will learn that this is all connected in a beautiful way and get the tools to free yourself. Benefits of working on the frontline are; better upright posture, improved digestion (also thoughts and emotions;)) and a free relaxed breath.

18 July:

This workshop will be all about targeting the Fascia of the feet and the lower leg. To free the feet and toes we need to release the shin area and calves, because most of the muscles and tendons of the feet and ankle run up into the lower leg. A lot of problems, tension or stress can be born in the feet and have an ascending effect into the body. Often the next joint takes on the problem that the feet create, like the knee or hips, but it can run all the way up into the shoulder or head. With a better understanding of mechanics and Fascia we can find our basis and ground again. We will be able to feel more and move better. We will be able to work on anxiety patterns as we tend to walk on our toes, when we think we are too much. 

What is Fascia?

Fascia is everywhere in the body and for a big part it is responsible for how we feel and how we move through life. You can see Fascia as this giant web that surrounds and penetrates every muscle, bone or tissue in your body. The Fascia is the biggest sensory organ of the body, which you not just only feel on the outside, but also and especially on the inside.

The Fascia becomes more dry and stiff, especially when we get older or when moving through a difficult period, when in stress or dealing with emotions. It is the Fascia that holds the form and tells the muscles how much they can move. When sitting a lot and doing laptop- or deskwork the Fascia can freeze into a certain (unhealthy) form and will restrict movement and the flow of energy.

What you need:

- Yoga mat or any soft surface

- Yoga block or books

- Blanket or towel

- Two tennis balls or Myofascia balls

- Soft pilates ball of 18 cm or less (for the Frontside)

For who?

This workshop for anyone who is interested or experiences (a lot of) tension in their body.

This workshop takes place online, so you can join from the comfort of your own home.

The price of these two workshops combined is €35 (instead of €40). Book your spot now!

If you only like to join 1 of the sessions you can book it here.

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