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Skills for the Future of Work LAB


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A Lab

1013 KS Amsterdam


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Interested in developing skills of the future and wondering where to start?

We offer a special five module LAB for development of Skills for the Future of work.

- Discover important Skills for the Future of work.

- Define which skills you have to develop in the coming decade and how you can do it.

- Learn important skills for your career development: Resilience, Career Hacking, Personal Branding and Workload Management.

Module 1: Skills for the Future of Work

What are the skills for the future of work? What are the competencies we will need as work become more and more automated?

- Discover new paradigms of work and how technology changes the context and requirements of most jobs.

- Learn about must have skills for the coming decade.

- Define which skills you want to develop and how you can move forward.

Module 2: Career Hacking

It becomes a norm to go through many jobs and careers in a lifetime. The successful career transition is a skill. It requires being able to define the desired direction, take actions and successfully adapt to the new role.

- Learn how to translate abstract ideas about next career into actions

- Learn what you can do tomorrow to define your desired state.

- Learn how you get to the job you will love

Module 3: Personal Branding

“Everyone now has a Personal Brand. It is now the difference that makes the difference. We all need to be relevant. We all need to be differentiated. We all need to be branded. And building your Personal Brand does not have to be hard, it can be as simple as 1,2,3.” ~ Paul Hughes

- Learn how to become a recognised expert in your field.

- Learn how being you is your greatest differentiator.

- Learn to take control your professional image.

Module 4: Load Management

Taking care of yourself should be part of your job, but many of us are suffering in silence from an emotionally and physically draining sickness called 'being busy'. We’ve wrongly come to accept that overload is okay. But it is not sustainable. The busier we are, the less able to stand back and think and work smarter.

- Learn how to effectively alter and focus on what is important.

- Learn how to deal with culture of interruption

- Learn how to work smarter.

Module 5: Resilience

Resilience is a foundational quality for future workers. As companies undergo increasingly rapid changes, resilience will become essential to employees, entrepreneurs and organisations.

- Learn key factors that help you to become more resilient

- Learn what is necessary to respond positively to constantly evolving challenges

- Learn what you need to succeed in any workplace environment.

Each module provides you with practical insights into how you can move forward with the development of the skills for the future of work and how you can apply what you have learnt into your own context. This learning lab is facilitated by experts in skills of the future, resilience, career development, personal branding and workload management.

Practical information

Blended learning - 5X3 hour Labs plus online modules

Place: Amsterdam

Price: 375 EUR (incl. 21% VAT)

Next dates: 12 October, 26 October, 9 November, 23 November, 7 December

Time: 18.00-21.00

Join this LAB to start working on your future!

Remember, at any given time, you have two options, to step back into safety or forward into growth.

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A Lab

1013 KS Amsterdam


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