Startup Funding Book Tour & Fire Side Chat

Startup Funding Book Tour & Fire Side Chat

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Startup Funding: how to raise venture capital Learn and meet with experienced startup founders, VC investors and the authors!

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Startup Funding: how to raise venture capital

If you're a fast-growing tech company, chances are that you'll need funding - venture capital - to fuel your growth. What's the best approach to raise venture capital? During this event you'll learn from experts, investors and founders what works and what doesn't.

Sjoerd Mol (venture capital lawyer at Benvalor) and Thomas Mensink (startup & investment analyst at Golden Egg Check) will share insights and best practices about fundraising and deal terms in an interactive quiz. They are the authors of the book STARTUP FUNDING that recently came out.

In addition, Vincent Hoogsteder from Objectiv and Yvonne Sijm from Health Innovations will share first-hand experiences as a startup founder and investor in a fireside chat. You'll also have the opportunity to ask everything you want to know about raising funding for your company.

Of course, we'll end the event with networking drinks so you'll have the opportunity to meet other founders and investors.

This event is free to attend and co-organized by UtrechtInc, Dotslash Utrecht, ROM Utrecht Region and Holland Startup.

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