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Sundays at the River Amsterdam - May

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Joop Geesinkweg 313

313 Joop Geesinkweg

1114AB Amsterdam


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Reserve your tickets for Sundays in May!

Over dit evenement

During the month of May, we invite you to join our afternoon and evening services. If you would like to attend, you must reserve a ticket, unless you are scheduled for Ministry of Helps.

We are staying within the guidelines placed by the government to facilitate these services, so there is still a limit to how many can attend.

When you reserve a ticket, please ensure that you will be present. Thank you for your cooperation!

Healing Night will take place on Friday May 7th at 19:00 -

And May 23th is our Friends & Family service at 12:30.

Kids Church will be available for all 12:30 services. For any questions, email us at

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