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Symposium: Noise as a compositional tool

On October 7, we explore noise as a compositional tool: a compositional quest for buzz, scrape, hiss, boom, glitch, beep and feedback.

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Het Concreet 8 Ringbaan-Oost 5013 CA Tilburg Netherlands

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On October 7, we explore noise as a compositional tool: a compositional quest for buzz, scrape, hiss, boom, glitch, beep and feedback. Finding sonic spaces to linger in unexpected places.

Noise as a compositional tool

Whilst music has long been understood as a search for harmony and pleasing aesthetics, composers such as Maryanne Amacher and Iannis Xenakis have brought noise and non-harmonious sounds into the realm of experimental music. Can noise be a guide to new spaces of sound? Following the residency of composer Cecilia Arditto, we invited noise professor Marcel Cobussen (Leiden University) and composer/performer Angela de Weijer (Miss Millivolt) to join us in a conversation about noise. Cecilia Arditto and Het Concreet will perform new piece and reflect on the result of a week-long residency in the studio. Marcel Cobussen will give a performance lecture on noise, joined by more noise from Caeso (BRA). We close off with a darkened listening session to a new piece Angela de Weijer that was commissioned for this symposium.

Residency: Cecilia Arditto

Het Concreet invited Cecilia Arditto for a residency at Het Concreet. As a composer, she is interested in writing for everyday objects like trash, electric fans and sewing machines. These sounds often find their way into tapeloop compositions, performance pieces and installations. Together with Het Concreet, she will work on an new piece in the analog studio.

Words on sound

Over the next years, Het Concreet sets out to find new words on sound, a.o. through writing lab Klank&Komma. Writer and audio director Renee van Marissing will join the symposium to write an essayistic text, which will later be published on the websites of Het Concreet & Domein voor Kunstkritiek.

13:00 get in: coffee & tea at Het Concreet

13:30 start program: performance lecture by Marcel Cobussen & Caeso

14:15 musical presentation by Cecilia Arditto & Het Concreet

14:45 talk: Cecilia Arditto, Het Concreet & Marcel Cobussen

15:30 darkened listening session by Angela van de Weijer (lights by Wout Hoste)

16:00 end program, drinks until 17:30

Due to the participation of international AMPA students, the main language will be English

Het Concreet explores the domain of sound. In the studio of Het Concreet, analog sound techniques find their way into the present. In the spirit of the analog music pioneers of the last century - Éliane Radigue, Brian Eno, Pierre Schaeffer - Het Concreet is working on tomorrow’s experimental music.

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