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Online Taster Session for Living the Being Leave 3D behind.

Join us in 5D and Live Your Being NOW. This year is the Year of Intensifying and Radiating Light for all human beings. For those of us who are lightworkers, starseeds and new world servers this is the time to reveal and radiate our pure powerful authentic Light for the evolution of humanity.

Many of us (with an older energetic template) have been through years of clearing, years of releasing ourselves from 3D physical, emotional, mental and spiritual patterning. Now, everything is changing. Released from the heaviness and duality of 3D we are called to be in the higher dimension to forge a new community of beings in unity with all. This taster session offers you a free transmission to activate, awaken and anchor your grounding in this new world 5D community. The transmission is not attached to any religion or specific philosophy. It is a transmission to assist you to fully ground in to and be in the 5D reality of our evolving Earth.

Empowering you to be able to activate and use new 5D tools to fully realise your Earth and soul missions. The new 5D world is here. It always was. We are already beings in it. We are here to show many of you how to also realise this and be within it as the divine source having a human experience.

With blessings and love, Helena, Robin and Lorna


When you got the free ticket online, we will send you the invitation for the zoomsession for Sunday March 24.

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