The Building as Being Symposium Part 3: Matter

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The Building as Being discusses new ways of urban design strategies. Part 3 is on matter.

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Research fellow Esmee Geerken and Waag invite you to the Art-Science Symposium series Building as Being. The Symposium discusses new ways of urban design strategies. For this end, Geerkens invites thinkers coming from a biological, material and sociological background. What could architects for example learn from the way in which minerals build structures?

The Building as Being moves away from a human-centred worldview to a holistic view where we shape our environment in accordance with non-human entities. In three episodes, we look at ‘building’ on different scales: The City, The Mind and Matter.

Part 3. Matter

Thursday the 22nd of April 2021 | 20:00 - 21:15

Self-organization and the emergence of life-like systems: can we learn to grow new materials by looking at the self-organizing principles of mineral formation? With Prof. Dr. Wim Noorduin, Self-Organizing Matter group AMOLF (NL) and Esmee Geerken.


20:00 Introduction

20:05-20:20 Prof. Dr. Wim Noorduin, Self-Organizing Matter group AMOLF

On self-organization in minerals and life-like systems

20:20-20:30 Questions from chat for Wim Noorduin

20:30-20:45 Presentation of ‘Interactive building experiments’ by Esmee Geerken. On growing new architectural shapes through the interaction of (unexpected) actors

20:45- 21:15 Discussion and questions chat

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