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The Next Women Funding Morning

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Funding Morning Cycle - February 2021

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The Funding Mornings are designed to help you become investor ready and after 4 sessions you pitch your company in front of a panel of investors.

We organize the Funding Mornings in a cycle of 5 modules - The perfect pitch deck, the investor memorandum, the termsheet, the pitch training, the pitch - which are repeated throughout the year.

How does it work?

1. You are member of The Next Women:

a. You sign up for the cycle, follow all the modules and get to pitch at the end.

b. You've participated in a previous cycle and started a new funding round, in which case you can apply directly for the pitch.

2. You're not yet a member of The Next Women:

You can join one of the modules below - for free - to get a taste of our community.

Afterwards one of our accountmanagers will be in touch to talk to you about our memberships and other activities.


1. Pitch Deck - February 9

2. Investor Memorandum - February 11

3. The Termsheet - February 16

4. Pitch Training - February 18

5. The Pitch - February 23

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