Transmission: Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energy


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Transmission with the theme: Divine Feminine and divine masculine energy within yourself.

Join us in 5D and Live Your Being NOW. This year is the Year of Intensifying and Radiating Light for all human beings. For those of us who are lightworkers, starseeds and new world servers this is the time to reveal and radiate our pure powerful authentic Light for the evolution of humanity. The theme of this transmission is connecting to the devine feminine and divine masculine energy within yourself. To make contact with these energies is extremely important for getting your frequencies to the 5d level. Both energies are important to be in balance for both men and women. A lot of people recognise the suppression of the divine feminine energy for ages and could be still released in the DNA of your cells. And now it is safe to release this old pattern and step into the full potention of the divine energies. This transmission could be the tool for you to support you on your path! This transmission is an open transmission and not only for people who are already connected to the Living The Being-field.

You get a zoom-invitation for the online transmission at least April 14Th.

The LIVING THE BEING- COURSE is a 5 day course of being together in the 5d reality more and more to create a field together so we can benefit each other on our path. Therefere we offer transmissions and meditations and other tools to support you for what you need to fully realise your soul mission.

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With blessings and love, Helena, Robin and Lorna

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