Webinar: 25 Tips & Tricks on Real Estate for Expats


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Join the webinar and get your 25 Tips & Tricks on Real Estate!

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How to buy a house? How to rent a place?

We have a webinar on Saturday, November 7th, at 16:00 hrs, giving you the 25 TIPS AND TRICKS in 1 hour, so there are no secrets or hidden corners anymore to rent or buy a house. You are invited and have one hour of precious info and facts from an expert and a financial advisor. After the presentation, you can ask all of the questions you have via the chatbox.


16.00 hrs – 16.45 hrs: Presentation

16.45 hrs – 17.00 hrs: Q&A


- ‘3CX conference' will be used for the webinar. Information with the log-in details for '3CX conference' will be emailed to you on November 7th, prior to the start of the webinar. This information will be sent to the email address you provide during registration.

- You will need to use Chrome or Firefox in order to be able to access '3CX conference'.

- We will have Q&A after the presentation, via the chatbox.

- The webinar will start at 16.00 hrs and end at 17.00 hrs.

- Remember to make sure you have a good internet connection for your device & that your speaker is on mute & that your webcam is off.

- Registration closes on Saturday, November 7th, 2020 at 11.00 hrs

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