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Yoga session @ Bliss Soul every Thursday

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Hostel The Golden Stork

22 Bierkade

2512 AB Den Haag


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Time to relax. Time for yoga! Every Thursday in The Hague.

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Note: THIS EVENT IS ONLINE since the new lockdown of December 2021. Please check the website for the online classes:

Every Thursday, there is a yoga and meditation session with The Golden Stork! A perfect opportunity to pause and connect with yourself and your body 🙏. So that you can get relaxed and start the day with renewed energy! 🤸‍♀️🌟

The sessions are at the beginner level and accessible for any level and in a relaxed environment. Yoga is about connecting with your body, breath, and mind. 💆‍♀️

Please chekc the website or contact us for online yoga classes.

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Organisator The Golden Stork

Organisator van Yoga session @ Bliss Soul every Thursday

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