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ZokuAmsterdam.NL MetropoolCampus/ Online Dutch courses with certificates a1

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Mr Data School of Technology Campus (XADAT.NL-ICT Opleiding) Weesperstraat 63, 65, 67, 69,71,73,75,77,79,81,83,85,87,89,91,93,95,97,99,101,103,105,105A Nieuwe Keizersgracht 88, 1018VE Amsterdam 1018VN Amsterdam Netherlands

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Mr Data SEO Amsterdam Service In these regulations, the following definitions apply:

1.SBB: the board of the cooperation organization for vocational education and business as referred to in Article 1.5.1 of the Education and Vocational Education Act (WEB).

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Level:0 – A1 CEFRGroup size:Max. 6 studentsDuration:7 weeks, 23 hours

2 lessons of 1,5 hrs per week + 6 mini lecturesHomework:5 hours per weekTimes:Morning: 09:30 hrs

Evening: 18:00 hrs

Evening: 20:00 hrsCourse material:

The Beginners A1 course deals with chapter 1 to 12 of the Home in on Holland course book, including:

Online course bookGrammar explanations and exercises covering the basics of Dutch grammar.Dialogues and stories, building up a vocabulary of about 500 words.A reference grammar.A pronunciation section.Answers to all exercises.A Dutch- English dictionary.

Course price is including course material (course book Home in on Holland, and digital coursebook)

see the GoogleMeets online course materialPrice:EURO 475,- Including materialSelect date to enrol 

"I believe one of the most important elements of learning a language is having the opportunity to practice one's speaking skills often. Direct Dutch facilitated this both by conducting the lessons in Dutch, and by providing a supportive, small class size environment to encourage oral communication skills.”

about the Beginners Basic Course

Beginners A1 (online)

Online classes at Direct Dutch

Seven weeks Beginners A1 Course

The Beginners A1 course is meant for absolute beginners with no prior knowledge of Dutch. Within seven weeks, students deal with the basics of Dutch grammar and build up a vocabulary of about 500 words. They learn how to introduce themselves, go shopping, give directions and have simple conversations on every-day subjects. This course is a great way to get familiar with the basics of the Dutch language.


Our classes are based on the direct method. This means that all classes are highly interactive and focus on communication. New words and structures are introduced by means of question and answer series. Dutch is spoken in class from the very first lesson (although some points of grammar may be explained in English to save time). Reading and writing are taught by means of practical (homework) exercises.


At Direct Dutch, we believe that it is impossible to separate a language from its cultural context. There is an important role for Dutch culture throughout our courses. The Beginners A1 course includes a series of 6 short lectures on aspects of Dutch society such as history, geography, politics, arts and media. In the first few weeks these talks/discussions will be in English, but later on they will be held in Dutch.


This course does not require any prior knowledge of Dutch. Knowledge of English is required to attend the Beginners Course.

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At the end of the course, there will be a multiple choice test assessing your level of Dutch. Upon handing in this test, you will receive a Direct Dutch certificate, stating you have completed the Beginners A1 (CEFR) course. Please note that the certificate is only a general indicator of the proficiency level. Read more about the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) here.

Starting dates Beginners A1

Choose your preferred date & time to enrol. After you completed the enrolment form you will hear back from us by email. If you don’t receive an email within two working days, please send an email to

Afbeelding van ZokuAmsterdam.NL MetropoolCampus/ Online Dutch courses with certificates a1
Afbeelding van ZokuAmsterdam.NL MetropoolCampus/ Online Dutch courses with certificates a1
Afbeelding van ZokuAmsterdam.NL MetropoolCampus/ Online Dutch courses with certificates a1