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The Zoönomic Curriculum is intended for participants who are interested in starting their own zoöp or who want to become an active member of a Zoönomic Foundation. The programme is developed around the Zoönomic Method and trains the participants in the process of starting and developing a zoöp.


The participants will be divided in four groups, each of which will focus on a different proto-zoöp throughout the process. In each session, one of the steps of the Zoönomic Method is applied and studied in the context of one of the four proto-zoöps, led by the group belonging to that proto-zoöp. In the second half of the session, each group applies the questions and findings to their own proto-zoöp, after which we round off with a plenary discussion. Each session is introduced by a researcher, artist or practitioner whose work relates to the issues at hand.

Session 1 - Demarcating - Friday 30 April / 2pm – 5pm

In the first workshop session we will discuss step 1 of the Zoönomic Method: Demarcating, in which we will establish the functional boundaries of the zoöp. This process articulates the zoöp as a collective body, consisting of various living and non-living entities and structures.
 Lecture by Klaas Kuitenbrouwer.

Session 2 - Observing & Sensing - Friday 21 May / 2pm – 5pm 

In the second session, Observing & Sensing, we will observe the different human and more-than-human entities that together make up the zoöp. The goal is to become aware of their different life-worlds and their relationships. 
Lecture by Eva Meijer (tbc).

Session 3 - Characterising - Friday 4 June / 2pm – 5pm 

During the third session, Characterising, involves interpreting and diagnosing the inteplay between ecological, political, economic, aesthetic and other relationships between the constituent bodies of the zoöp. This leads to an assessment of possible interventions in the zoöp. 
Lecture by Arjen Mulder.

Session 4 - Intervening - Friday 18 June / 2pm – 5pm

The fourth and final session is centred around the practice of Intervening, the final step of the Zoönomic Method. Different interventions first support a process of local ecological regeneration, and in the longer term, changes in the larger operational sphere of the organisation. 
Lecture by Jacco van Uden and Kim Poldner.


This curriculum is part of the zoöp project. Zoöp is the name for an organisational model for cooperation between humans and non-human life that safeguards the interests of all zoë (Greek for 'life'). The zoöp model makes the interests of non-human life part of organisational decision-making

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