More-than-Planet Symposium

More-than-Planet Symposium

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Oude Sterrewacht

11 Sterrenwachtlaan

2311 GP Leiden


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The symposium will showcase iconic transdisciplinary works of art, discuss art-driven collaborations and how to take necessary steps.

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In a world with 75% of the planet's land surface experiencing measurable human pressure, the way people imagine the planet substantially impacts the environment itself. Such environmental imaginaries are constructed by a number of underlying concepts, value systems, visual cultures and technologies used for portraying the Earth's environment. However, these technologies are neither neutral nor inclusive of society.

Art-driven collaboration

The symposium will showcase some of the iconic transdisciplinary works of art, discuss art-driven collaborations addressing the shared understanding of socio-environmental troubles, and discuss the necessary next steps.

How are these iconic works produced and made? What is their point of departure? How do transdisciplinary projects function? And how can space and earth researchers collaborate with artists? More on a meta-level: how do art works contribute to how space policy is done? The aim is to work towards inclusive environmental observations and to highlight invisible stories.


  • Jussi Ängeslevä (ART+COM)
  • John Palmesino and Ann-Sofi Rönnskog (Territorial Agency)
  • Christophe de Jaeger (Gluon)
  • Frans Snik (Leiden University)
  • Claudia Schnugg (art-science curator)
  • Rodolfo Groenewoud van Vliet (In4Art)
  • Anna & Elizaveta (Moon Gallery Foundation)
  • Annick Bureaud (Leonardo)
  • Pedro Roso (Leiden University)

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More-than-Planet expo

This Symposium highlights works from the More-than-Planet exhibition at the Old Observatory Leiden. You can visit the exhibition from 1 July until 31 December 2022. For more info, go to

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